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2000    MFA The School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University. Boston, MA

1999      Museum Studies. Tufts University. Boston, MA

1998     Post Baccalaureate. School of The Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA

1995     BFA Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes. Cali, Colombia

1994     BA Universidad Javeriana de Cali.  Cali, Colombia

2019     Tibetan Art Studies. The New York Tibetan Art Studio. New York, NY 




2024   Ríos Intermitentes Phase Three. 

Curated by Maria Magdalena Campos Pons and Hoor Al Qasimi. Matanzas, Cuba

2023    From The Heart of The World  The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY.

2023    Royal Nomad  By Kick The Can. The Square.  West Palm Beach, FL

2023    The Dreamers  Sotheby’s Institute of Art. New York, New York

2022    Our Common Ground  Public Art installation The Square. West Palm Beach, FL

2022    Here We Stand  TW Fine Art Gallery. Palm Beach, FL

2022    Celebrating the Arts of Compassion. Nalanda Institute. Tibet House. New York, NY

2022   Art for Tibet: 10 Year Anniversary Fundraiser

Curated by Ai Weiwi, Robert Thurman, Pema Yoko. Nowhere Gallery. New York, NY 

2022  Symbiosis Curated Beth Rudin DeWoody. Berkshire Botanical Garden. Berkshires, MA

2022    What if Art Dreamt Nature? L.A.B. (Latin Art Bridges). Lima, Peru. 

2021    Naturaleza Muerta. The Other Art Fair. Brooklyn Expo Center. Brooklyn, NY.

2020    Awaken: Conjuring our tomorrow. Salem University. Salem, MA

2019       Ríos Intermitentes. The XIII Havana Art Biennale. Matanzas, Cuba

2019       Inaugural Exhibition. Oh Gallery.  Damyang, South Korea

2019       Homecoming. Oh Gallery.  Seoul, South Korea

2018       Around Us. Kate Oh Gallery, New York,  NY 

2017-18  Art Auction for Tibet. Tibet House. New York, NY

2017      Interdependencia. Solo show. Colombian Consulate. New York, NY 

2017      Open question. 106 Green Street Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

2014      New Voices. Active Space Gallery.  Brooklyn, NY

2013     Divine Intersections. Iona College. New York, NY

2012     Poética del Espacio. La Casa de Arte Contemporáneo. Cali, Colombia

2008     Midnight Blooming. GASP Gallery.  Boston, MA

2008     The Dynamics of belonging. GASP. Boston, MA

2007     Fung Wa. Howard Yezerski Gallery. Boston, MA

2006-7  Anonymous Drawing. Bluetenwiss, Berlin, Germany

2002     Antología Premios Nacionales. Museo La Tertulia. Cali, Colombia

2001      Ficciones Retinianas. Solo show. Museo de Arte La Tertulia. Cali, Colombia

2000      Fixation. Solo show. Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. Boston, MA

2000     The Can. Garcon Gallery. Berlin, Germany 

2000     Allien: Art from and About Elsewhere. Green Street Gallery. Boston, MA 



2022        New Wave Artist Residency. West Palm Beach, Florida.               

2022        Hacienda Tinajas Artist Residency. Cauca, Colombia

2017-22   La Sierra Artist Residency. Santa Marta, Colombia

2019-22   Manic Breathing.  Illustrations El Espectador newspaper. Bogota, Colombia

2003-17   Neem Foundation. Founder, president and teacher. Bogotá, Colombia 

Neem is a non-profit organization 501(c) that promotes art, yoga and meditation as alternative therapies for healing and forgiveness among people affected by violence and trauma. Ana Maria envisioned and implemented programs for ex-combatants and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia through already existing programs at La Fundación para la reconciliación, Colombia herida and Tecnovo 

Her works are held in various private collections as well as the public art collections of Harvard University, The Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia in Colombia, Bank of America. 



2018-24    La Sierra Artist Residency. Artist in residency and teacher. Santa Marta, Colombia 

Made illustrations for first and second edition of children’s eco coloring book Caring for the heart of the world.  Developed and implemented art workshops to teach children from villages surrounding La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Emphasis placed in educating children on the worldview of the indigenous communities surrounding their villages, animal rights, recycling, trash management and clean water.

Made Murals with kids from the Arhuaco Community of Kutunsama in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  The murals were inspired by the design of the “Mochilas” which reflect their beliefs and customs depicting rivers, mountains and animals. Encoded in these patterns is the worldview that when we walk in harmony with all of nature, our path is opened and so is the path for all humanity. 

2003-24  El hilo del Corazón: Moving through Art. Art and yoga teacher. Colombia  

2007       Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art. Museum Educator. New York, NY

2007-10 The New York Tibetan Art Studio. Drawing teacher. Brooklyn, NY

1997      School of The Museum of Fine Arts.  Painting teacher. Boston, MA

1999      New Museum of Contemporary Art. Curatorial intern. New York, NY

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